A Clean Workplace is the Best Workplace


Most people report to their jobs at least five times a week. Every single day, you sit on that office chair and do your specific tasks. You spend one-third or more of your day in an office. Your mood can be affected by your office environment. It is important to have a clean working place. Many people obsess about the cleanliness of their homes but pay a little attention to the cleanliness of their workplace. Having a clean workplace is important for all building occupants.

Why is Cleanliness important in the Workplace?

Maintaining a clean workplace is vital for employers to reduce their workers compensation claims and keep efficiency high. When employees work in a messy environment, they may not notice all hazards which increase the risk of an accident.

Below are the top reasons why the cleanliness of your workplace should be a priority for you and your company.

  1. A clean workplace produces healthy employees

When your employees are sick, they may work inefficiently or take a sick leave. You can prevent this by hiring a cleaning company or have an in-house staff that will regularly clean the facility. Proper cleaning will reduce the level of allergens that trigger asthma. When choosing cleaning chemicals, it is important to choose those that are safe and will not trigger any allergic reaction in people with sensitive respiratory problems. Additionally, improved air filtration will reduce air pollutants by circulating clean air. Thus, respiratory infections and influenza will decline and foul odours will be eliminated. You can also provide hand sanitizers everywhere to help reduce the spread of germs.


Sick employees can cost you serious money. For 7.7 sick days per employee per year, it may cost you $225.8 billion per year. Unplanned absences due to dirty work place decrease 54% in productivity or output. However, if your employees are healthy, their productivity gain will also increase. This can give savings to the company in the long run.


  1. A clean workplace improves corporate image and employee satisfaction

It is not comfortable to work in a messy environment. As mentioned earlier, the overall working environment can affect an employee’s mood. Your workplace should be clean all the time so that employees can be motivated to work. It is more pleasant to see a clean working area than a messy one. On the other hand, other people also access your employees. Some of these are from government authorities, suppliers or potential investors. A clean workplace can give them the good impression that you are serious about your employees’ health and that cleanliness in your office is your priority. You might end up having a closed business deal due to this.


  1. A clean workplace helps in the preservation of company assets

Office machinery and equipment need to be properly maintained to extend their useful life. If not properly cleaned, you might need repairs or replacement which will cause you additional capital expenditures. You also need to clean your carpets, floor tiles, entrance mats to maintain their beauty and extend their useful life. Carpets need to be vacuumed regularly and should be free from stains and any spots. Furnishings such as tables and chairs should be free of dust and scratches. Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of your company assets will add to good impression about your company. Clean facilities are not just a cost. They generate revenue.

What are the common surfaces with high levels of contamination?

You need to give importance to these items to prevent the spread of germs in the office.

  • Computer mouse
  • Keyboards
  • Desk phones
  • Comfort rooms’ sink faucet handles
  • Microwave door handles
  • Refrigerator door handles
  • Vending machine buttons

You can provide hand sanitizers everywhere in your office to prevent the spread of germs and other sickness causing bacteria.

It is important to maintain a clean workplace for the benefit of your employees, investors and other people that will visit. It will give you and your employees a healthy working environment. It will also motivate them to do their jobs better. When everyone is healthy, productivity increases and everyone shares in the benefits. A clean work place is the safest and simply the best.