Choosing the Right Trash Bag

heavy trash trucks

Trash bags have become part of our daily cleaning routines. These bags have helped us make our cleaning easier. You can find them almost everywhere- in the kitchens, bathrooms, offices, common areas, industrial areas and of course, outside as well. Their job is to capture, store and remove waste. They are also known as trash liners.

Every trash bag costs money because you purchased them. They are not given for free. Even offices allot an amount in buying trash bags. The sad part however, the all get thrown away. You can save money by choosing the right bag for the job.

How to determine the right trash bag?

When purchasing a trash bag that will be perfect for your cleaning needs, you have to consider the following.

  1. Capacity

The capacity of the bag refers to the volume of trash that it can accommodate. Since most bags are used inside of trash cans and other waste receptacles, it is important to know the size or shape of the trash can to choose the correct trash bag. A good guideline for choosing the correct size bag is to make sure the width of the bag is equal to ½ of the circumference of the trash can and the length is equal to the height of the trash can plus 4” to allow for enough bag space to hang the trash can without falling inside.


  1. Resin

Generally, there are two types of plastic resins used in manufacturing trash bags. High density trash liners are used for general office conditions because they can hold heavy loads if that trash does not have rough or sharp edges. Low density liners on the other hand, can better hold materials that may puncture or tear the bag.


  1. Max load

The max load of a bag pertains to the maximum amount of weight that the liner can hold under ideal conditions. Using a trash liner best suited for the material load can often produce savings because in many cases, the current solution is overkill and a thinner bag will accomplish the job of capturing, storing and removing waste.


  1. Seal

Trash bags are manufactured in 3 types of seals: star seals, flat seals, and gusset seals. These types are what hold the plastic together. Most commercial trash liners are produced using a star seal that conforms well to the trash can, distributes the weight of the load evenly and reduces the potential of leakage.


  1. Color

The color of a trash bag also plays an important role. For example, may hospital teams prefer to use black bags so that when the bag is brought out to common areas, the contents are not visible to patrons and guests. Other times the color of the bag is part of a specific safety initiative such as red, blue and yellow bags printed for infectious contents.

It may be a small thing but choosing the right trash bag for your cleaning needs will help you save money. Spending too much money on bags which will be eventually thrown away is not practical.