How to Put up a Commercial Cleaning Business

show her steps in cleaning business

A commercial cleaning business is a good business you can try. A lot of establishments like houses, restaurants, airports, hotels, churches, and a lot more need this service. The thing is, if it can get dirty, it definitely needs cleaning! Establishments are willing to spend good money on cleaning services because it will give them the first good impression they need and to save on employees’ sickness. Regular cleaning also helps prevent the spread of germs which is quite beneficial for these establishments.

Steps in putting up a commercial cleaning business

If you are interested in this kind of business, below are the basic steps you need to accomplish to build your own cleaning business.

  1. Determine your target market

Commercial cleaning involves a lot of markets and determining which market to cater will help you set up your cleaning business. Do you want to clean small buildings or large buildings? Do you want to keep the business small or do you want to hire employees to do the work with you? Answering these questions will determine what sort of buildings you are going to target. If you want to start small, you may target small buildings that you can do by yourself. Then as your business grows, you may cater to large skyscraper buildings and big schools.


  1. Choose a Professional Business Name

You need to pick a name for your cleaning business. You may choose to have a business name which sounds professional because you are dealing with professional people that you will sell your service to. Choose something that shows what you are made of. Adding your service area to your business name can also help because your clients will be able to relate to you.


  1. Apply for your business license and bank account

After choosing a business name, you need to register your business to your local state authority. Prepare all the documentations needed and apply for a business license. A business license is important because it is the proof that your business is legally operating. You may need to pay permits and licenses for this. After that, you need to open your business accounts. Different banks are offering business account products which you can choose from.


  1. Purchase commercial cleaning insurance and bond

Now that you have a license and bank account, you may purchase your liability insurance. Liability insurance will be a requirement for commercial cleaning. If you are going to hire employees or you have a partner, it would be a good idea to get a bond. Bonds are not expensive and most of your clients will want you to have one as well.


  1. Set your rates

The last step for setting up your cleaning business is to determine your rates. You can set them based on different factors such as location, expenses, insurance, and many more. You can choose to charge per hour of cleaning or a flat rate for the whole cleaning service. You rates should be competitive and within the purchasing power of your clients.