Meet the “Chef”

Why the quotation marks around the word chef? With no formal training, Ann finds it difficult to call herself a chef. However, as the creative mind behind every element at Just B-Still and The Green Café, it is not surprising that the entire menu has been carefully crafted by Ann herself. Possessing a very keen sense of smell and taste, a knack for cooking came to Ann since a very young age. Over the years – whether preparing meals for her family or planning an extravagant party – Ann has always added her own special flair. The Green Café menu reflects her creativity and attention to detail and features many made from scratch recipes including soups, dressings and sauces. Perhaps Ann’s husband Walt, who has been enjoying her culinary creations for years says it best of all: “Ann’s cooking is Fond du Lac’s best kept secret!” Anyone who has walked through the doors at Just B-Still and sampled food from the extensive menu would wholeheartedly agree!