More Than Just A Name

The Green Cafe is so much more than just a name…

The Green Cafe is serious about ‘going green’ and implements environmentally conscious practices in every element of its operation. It begins with the menu which focuses on using ingredients that are seasonal, local, GMO free, organic or chemical free and unprocessed whenever possible. The Green Cafe grows several vegetables and herbs in its very own on-site organic garden and has developed relationships with local farmers in order to minimize our carbon footprint. Even the Cup O’ Joe’s organic Sumatra coffee that is served exclusively at The Green CafĂ© is locally roasted right in Fond du Lac.
Our green practices by no means end with the menu. To reduce waste, we have set up a composting system for food scraps and other compostable material to be utilized in our garden as a natural fertilizer. Additionally, all of our take-out containers, cutlery and paper products are designed to be 100% fully compostable! Made from highly renewable bamboo, sugarcane (bagasse), wheatstraw and/or cornstarch and made in the USA, there is zero ‘off-gassing’ or other leaching of chemicals into your food.
So whether you are grabbing a quick ‘Cup O’ Joe’, taking lunch to go or dining in, you can be assured that you are supporting efforts to promote local economy, reduce waste and eliminate unnecessary toxins in our environment and bodies Thank you!