The Green Cafe

Our Cafe Hours:
Now serving lunch from 11:00 – 2:30!

If you would like place a carry out order to be picked up later in the day during our studio hours you may do so by calling your order in by 2:30. (All items from our menu are available with the exception of paninis, pizza and our Gourmet Grilled Cheese.)
Grab ‘n Go items available during our studio hours: Monday – Thursday 9-6; Friday 9-4.

A massage studio and café all in one location? It may seem like an odd combination of two ideas that do not naturally fit together. Yet with a bit of thought and a touch creativity it really makes perfect sense. Massage is a bit of a luxury. It is relaxing, therapeutic and healing. It rejuvenates and makes our bodies feel well. Food is necessary, and when we consume healthful, nourishing foods our bodies are rejuvenated and we feel well.
Many people do not expect to get a healthful meal when eating out, but when eating at The Green Café you do not have to compromise. The Green Café is committed to serving only foods that are nourishing and healthful. With an environmentally conscious mindset, healthful and natural options are the only options on our menu. At Just B-Still’s Green Cafe you can conveniently give your body what it needs to feel well and stay well.
So take advantage of one or more of our wellness services or enjoy a freshly prepared meal from The Green Café. Experience rejuvenation for body and soul.

**The Green Café offers both indoor and outdoor seating (weather permitting) where you can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi while listening to positive, uplifting music. We invite you stop by today!